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Somatropin for dummies

Everything about Human Growth Hormone explained in laimans terms.

MAGIC Foundation

This foundation is a non profit dedicated to children whose growth has been impaired by a medical condition or problem. The foundation aims to provide support services for families of afflicted childrea, and to create awarness and education in the general public on these types of conditions.
The foundation will provide families with resources and support services should a child within the family be afflicted with a medical condition that results in impaired growth.

Human Growth Foundation

This is a non profit organization that is mandated to exploring growth through research and medical science, and helping the medical community better understand the processes at work with growth. The foundation is made up of parents of children with growth disorders, as well as interested medical specialists in the area of treatment.

The foundation is a supporter of clinical and medical research initiatives that strive to improve the general growth related knowledge base, and also serves as a training facility and educational resource center. The foundation offers family support services and support groups for families of growth compromised children.

Pituitary Disorders Education & Support

This organization in mandated to the collection and disseminating of the latest pituitary related research and clinical data throughout the medical community. The organization also provides self help and other support services for patients with compromised pituitary functioning.